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Welcome to the Troop196 Homepage

Scout Troop 196
of the Pathfinder District
Northwest Suburban Council
of Illinois

Chartered by the
St.Peter Lutheran Church
208 E.Schaumburg Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60193

On-line Ano Domini 07april1998 / updated 09September2013

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Always look under The Troop Hat for the Troop196Happenings schedule.

Summercamp pictures for 2012 and 2013 coming...

Cobia Submarine Trip, November 23, 2011...
Cobia 2011 flyer co2011-01 co2011-40 co2011-45 co2011-49 (thankyou Mr.Brandon)

Summer Camp 2011 at Camp Napowan... Medical Forms were due June 13th.
4 page medical forms required Scout Release for to participate in Wolf River Items all scouts should bring to summer camp
(thankyou Mrs.Bruns)

Spring Camporee at Camp OhDaKoTa, near Burlington, Wisconsin,
was April 8-10th...send pics. and OA tap out

Spring Merit Badge Clinic 2011, April 2nd, send pics... thanks Mrs.Bruns this is the current counselors!

Winter Camping in the Church Grove in the snow, December 4, 2011...
wc2012-202 wc2012-203 wc2012-204 wc2012-205 wc2012-206 wc2012-207 wc2012-208 wc2012-209 wc2012-210 wc2012-212 wc2012-213
(thankyou Mr.Brandon)

Scout Trek 2010, 100 year Centenial Scouting Event, Presented by NWSC,
Saturday, Sept. 25th, see flyer... click here to see the ScoutTrek flyer (thankyou Mrs.Bruns)

Summercamp at Camp Napowon, July 2010.
sc2010-1472 sc2010-1474 sc2010-1539 sc2010-1540 sc2010-1541 sc2010-1542 sc2010-1543 sc2010-1544 sc2010-1546 sc2010-1552 sc2010-1553 sc2010-1557 sc2010-1558 sc2010-1562 sc2010-1563
(thankyou Mr.Brandon)

Swimming Merit Badge Review April 8-9th at Campanelli YMCA...
Swimming Merit Badge Swim Review Flyer Swim Test Workbook Swim Test Workbook Swimming Merit Badge Book
(thankyou Mr.Brandon)

Here are the new FleckBucks...February 2010,
one fleck buck one fleck buck one fleck buck
(thankyou Mr.Zimmermann and Mr.Burke)

Summercamp at Camp Napowon, June 2009,
Napowan camp info sc2009-0852 sc2009-0898 sc2009-0996 sc2009-1009 sc2009-1010 sc2009-1040 sc2009-1063 sc2009-1134 sc2009-1206 sc2009-1227 sc2009-1259
(thankyou Mr.Bria)

Sumercamp at Napowon, June 2008...
(please send pictures)

Camp Betz Trip, August 2007...
cb2007-08 cb2007-04 cb2007-10 cb2007-15 cb2007-23 cb2007-28 cb2007-40 cb2007-51 cb2007-73 cb2007-84 cb2007-88 cb2007-91
(thankyou Mrs.Popek)

Sumercamp at Camp Napowon, June 2007...
sc2007-500 sc2007-435 sc2007-446 sc2007-451 sc2007-457 sc2007-459 sc2007-465 sc2007-500 sc2007-490 summercamp information 2007
(thankyou Mr.Fleck)

Trip to Scout Camp Lowden, April 2007...
cl2007-27 cl2007-28 cl2007-30 cl2007-33 cl2007-38 cl2007-40 cl2007-41 cl2007-47 cl2007-53
(thankyou Mrs.Popek)

Grove Camping & Antler Hunting, March 2007...
g2007-16 g2007-21 g2007-25 g2007-37 g2007-42 g2007-47 g2007-51 g2007-65 g2007-66 g2007-72 g2007-79 g2007-80
(thankyou Mrs.Popek)

Voyagers Landing, Kane County, November 2006...
vl2006-14 vl2006-18 vl2006-22 vl2006-25
(thankyou Mr.Fleck)

Camp Betz Trip, August 2006...
cb2007-08 cb2006-11 cb2006-17 cb2006-18 cb2006-21 cb2006-33 cb2006-58 cb2006-61 cb2006-74 cb2006-87 cb2006-89
(thankyou Mr.Fox)

Summercamp at Camp Napowon, June 2006,
sc2006-99 sc2006-66 sc2006-09 sc2006-46 sc2006-37 sc2006-31 sc2006-24 sc2006-08 sc2006-07 sc2006-05 sc2006-84 sc2006-04 sc2006-98 sc2006-58 sc2006-65
(thankyou Mr.Fox)

Memorial Day 2006 scouts with
Eagle Scout and State Rep.Terry Park(44th).
2006 memorial day
(thankyou Mr.Katsulis)

Summercamp at Camp Napowon, July 2005,
sc2005-2340 sc2005-2347 sc2005-2353 sc2005-2366 sc2005-2370 sc2005-2372 sc2005-2376 sc2005-2382 sc2005-2402 sc2005-2407 sc2005-05 sc2005-04
(thankyou Mr.Fleck.)

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