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Troop 196 Eagle Scouts

tom zimmermann 1992 corey smith 1992 jim zito 1993 jason johnson 1994 jeff peters 1995 matt sachleben 1995 tom monostori 1995 rob schmidt 1995 alex maloy 1996 gerry james 1996 chris boyle 1996 corey rupert 1997 tim cross 1998 matt wnek 1998 nick klimkowicz 1999 steve cross 1999 karl mayle 1999 chris rogers 1999 matt scheurman 2000 darren niedermeyer 2000 mike boyle 2001 joe klimkowicz 2001 ryan beck 2002 kris wnek 2002 mike bolger 2003 charlie mueller 2004 chris procter 2004 alex burke 2004 brent beck 2004 matt rogers 2004 ryan percell 2004 charles(buddy) highbreder 2004 ryan fay 2006 nick burke 2007 duke pfeiffer 2008 harrison fleck 2008 r j siegler 2009 ryan haman 2010 kevin bruns 2011 andrew haman 2011 zach fox 2011 john ackerman 2011

The number of eagle scouts of Troop 196 is now 42,
since the troop was re-activated in the fall of 1989.
Eagle Scouts from the prior to 1989 re-chartering of Troop 196,
please contact M.Monostori (see roster page).

Our Eagles Scouts are...

Tom...1992   Corey...1992   Jim....1993   Jason...1993
Jeff..1994   Matt....1994   Tom....1995   Rob....1995
Alex...1995   Gerry.1996   Chris....1996   Corey.1997
Tim....1998   Matt.....1998   Nick....1999   Steve..1999
Karl....1999   Chris...1999   Matt...2000   Darren..2000
Mike...2001  Joe.......2001   Ryan...2002   Kris.....2002
Mike.2003   Charlie.2004   Chris.2004   Alex.....2004
Brent.2004   Matt....2004   Ryan...2004   Charles..2004
Ryan..2006   Nick.....2007   Duke..2008   Harrison.2008
RJ......2009   Ryan.....2010   Kevin..2011   Andrew.2011
Zach..2011   John....2011

If you happen to see our scout trailer somewhere in the church parking lot,
please note the eagle scouts that have used this vehicle, they have
their names inscribed upon it.

eric johnson 1969 kevin ruddy 1971
A special rememberance to two known Eagle Scouts of the old Troop 196,
and to those scouters and families in whose hearts you will always be
remembered with special honor. (see Kevin's note in the guestbook!)


If you are an eagle scout of Troop 196 send us a picture of
yourself in uniform. Tell us about yourself and sign our guestbook! mtm

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