Scout Troop

First Class Advancement

(advancement table is center stage)
(scoutmasters lined up stage right in single file facing the audience)
(senior patrol leader is stage left)

Will all First Class candidates please step forward.

(signal that they line up in front of him)
(when are in line, he turns and leads them onto the stage,
in a single file line, behind the table center stage, facing the audience)
(spl goes back to stage left front)

Will the parents of each of these scout candidates please
stand and wait to be escorted to the stage.
(most senior scouts present, escort parents, onto stage center, lined
up behind their own scouts, facing the audience)

Scout Troop 196 of the Pathfinder District, present candidates:
(read candidates names) for the awarding of the rank of First Class.)...(pause)

In the days of chivalry, when a squire had earned the right
to carry both sword and shield, it was customary for him to
retire to the privacy of the chapel for a vigil of prayer.
There, surrounded by his weapons, he communed thru the night
with his Maker, praying that he might prove worthy of the
honor of knighthood. (pause)

Just as those knights of old valued their honor so should
the scouts of today. As a First Class Scout, you will have
the opportunity and the duty to demonstrate to all our code
of honor, to which a true and mature scout is forever bound. (pause)

Are you ready to take this additional pledge, which will aid
you in living as a true scout? If so, signify by saying "I am"...

scouts: (candidates respond) I am.

Please repeat the scout oath, knowing that you are
able and more worthy of living up to its highest challenge.

(scoutmaster gives scout sign, waits for scouts to reply...)
(scouts repeat the Scout Law, "A Scout is trustworthy,loyal,...)

I now present to you this First Class badge.
(hand out patches, hand out mother pins, shake hands)

I congratulate you on having reached scout maturity.
You are now First Class Scouts. You may return to your seats.