Scout Troop

Life Advancement

(advancement table is center stage)
(scoutmaster is stage right facing the audience)
(senior patrol leader is stage left facing the audience)

Will all Life Scout candidates please come forward...
(when all are in line, he turns and leads them onto stage,
into a single file line, behind the table center stage,
facing the audience)
(spl goes back to stage left front)

Will the parents of each of these scout candidates please stand
and wait to be escorted to the stage.
(All Life or Eagle Scouts escort parents onto stage center.
Parents line up behind their sons, facing the audience. Life and
Eagle Scouts form single file line at stage left beside spl)

Scout Troop 196 of the Pathfinder District, present candidates:
(read candidates names...)
for the awarding of the rank of Life Scout.

(walks to center, turns and faces the candidates & parents.)
Scouts, you have traveled far on the Eagle trail. Our Boards of
Review have found you fully qualified for the rank of Life scout.
Look at this badge carefully, as you gaze upon it, note red heart.
May it be a constant reminder of the fine things you have received
from Scouting, and of the fine things you carry in your heart as a
pledge to Scouting and to your fellow man.
You are now the Heart of Scouting.
Are you prepared to renew the pledge of service to your fellow man
that you made as a Star Scout?... If so, signify by saying "I AM"...

scouts: (candidates respond) I AM.

(scoutmaster gives scout sign, waits for scouts to follow...)
Please repeat the Scout Oath...
(scouts..., "On my Honor, I will do my duty, to God and my country...")

For you, now, both the Scout Oath along with the Scout Law will mean even
more than ever before. You will strive to make them the keynote of your
conduct. Your spirit of helpfulness and alertness of mind, and your
mastery of the Scout skills that make the Scout Motto, "Be Prepared" really
mean something. THese are the qualities you need as you start on the final
rocky trail that leads to the summit...(pause)...Eagle Scout.

I now present you with this the Life badge.
(Shows the audience, hands out patches, mothers pins, shakes hands)

Congratulations on all of your achievements as Life Scouts.
Will other Life and Eagle Scouts of Troop 196 please step forward
congratulate and welcome our newest Life Scouts.

(Older scouts pass by the new Life scouts and shake hands)

You may return to your seats.