Scout Troop

Second Class Advancement

(advancement table is center stage)
(scoutmaster is stage right facing both the audience and candidates)
(senior patrol leader is stage left facing both)

Will all Second Class candidates please come forward
and line up in front of him in front of the advancement table

Will the parents of each of these scouts please come up and
stand behind your scout.

Scout Troop 196 of the Pathfinder District, presents these candidates:
(name each candidate)..for the awarding of the rank of Second Class.

When the Indian boy prepared for manhood, he was required to go
through a stern ordeal testing his worthiness and fitness to be able
to take his place amongst the braves of his tribe. If he passed each
ordeal successfully, he then appeared before the chief and his council
of elders at the fire to receive the eagle feather of the brave.
This eagle feather signified his achievement and rank to everyone.
As the chief placed this symbol in his hands, he pledged the new brave
to an oath. He bound him, in honor, never to use his weapons or rank in
any way that would bring discredit himself or his tribe. (pause)

Just as the Indian youth passed his ordeal to prove himself, so you
have gone through your Second Class rank requirements to prove yourself
as a Scout Hiker who can care for himself in the outdoors. Just as the
Indian youth pledged himself to his tribe, so should you pledge yourself
to Scouting and to do your best to uphold the Scout Oath and Law.
As you now become a Second Class scout, do you promise to do your
best to follow the Scout Law and uphold the Scout Oath.
If so, please say "I do".

scouts:(candidates respond) I do.

The rank of Second Class provides opportunities for you to service others.
The honor of all Scouting rests on your shoulders. I trust you will
wear this Second Class badge as a shield with honor and distinction.
To seal this pledge to wear this badge honorably, please give the
scout sign, repeat the Scout Law.
(scoutmaster gives the scout sign with the candidates and begins...)
A Scout is Tr', Lo', He', Fr', Co', Ki', Ob', Ch', Th', Br', Cl', and Rev' (pause)

I now present you with this second class badge. May you bring credit
and honor to your troop. (hand out patches, mothers pins, shake hands)

Congratulations, Second Class Scouts. You may return to your seats.