Scout Troop

Star Advancement

(advancement table is center stage)
(scoutmaster is stage right facing the audience)
(senior patrol leader is stage left facing the audience)

Will all Star Scout candidates please come forward and line up.

Will the parents of each of these scout candidates please stand.
Senior scouts, please escort these parents to their scout.

(senior scouts escort parents up to stage, parents line
up behind their sons, facing the audience)

Scout Troop 196 of the Pathfinder District, present candidates:
(name candidates) ..for the awarding of the rank of Star Scout.

Scout candidates, by receiving your Star Rank tonight, you are taking a long step
toward Eagle rank, the goal of all Scouts. You have advanced toward manhood
in a way that obligates you to give younger Scouts the service and experiences you
yourself have received. Tonight you are leaving that select group of scouts which
receives Scouting and are now being admitted to an even smaller group,
whose privilege and duty it is to give scouting. This will include giving
leadership, guidance, and inspiration to younger scouts who will follow your lead.
Your willingness to fulfill these duties will be a pledge of service and
a sign that you understand the ideals of Scouting. Do you accept this obligation,
to serve others and to serve your fellow Scouts? If so, signify by saying "I am"

scouts: (candidates respond) I am

This increase in stature is, but another step towards becoming a man. The fun
and fellowship of your past years should now be accompanied by deep satisfaction
as you give service to others and leadership to younger scouts.
To seal this obligation repeat now the words of the Scout Oath, and let your
heart repeat this pledge of service to all who follow where you lead.

(scoutmaster gives scout sign
A Scout is Tr', Lo', He', Fr', Co', Ki', Ob', Ch', Th', Br', Cl' and Rev'. (pause)

I declare now and before this court, that you are qualified to receive the rank
of Star Scout. I furthermore charge you to keep on the Merit Badge Trail as you
head toward the goal of Eagle Scout. Keep the spirit of service alive in your daily life.
May the Star on the Badge be a constant reminder of the Star of Service that will
shine as a guide to lead you on the trail to manhood... (pause)...

I now present you with these badges and symbols of your Star rank.
(hand out patches, hand out mothers pins, shake hands)

Congratulations on your achievement, star scouts.
You may return to your seats.