Scout Troop

Tenderfoot Advancement

(advancement table is center stage)
(scoutmasters lined up stage right in single file facing the audience)
(senior patrol leader is stage left)(spl facing the audience)

Will all Tenderfoot candidates please step forward.

(spl signals that they line up in front of him)
(when all are in line, he turns and leads them onto the stage,
in a single file line, behind the table center stage, facing the audience)
(SPL goes back to stage left front)

Will the parents of each of these scout candidates please stand and wait
to be escorted to the stage.

(most senior scouts present, escort parents, on stage center, lined up
behind their own scouts, facing the audience)

Scout Troop 196 of the Pathfinder District, present candidates:
(read candidates names) for the awarding of the rank of Tenderfoot.

Tonight you are receiving your first Boy Scout rank. It is the first step in
a long journey towards Eagle, the highest rank in Scouting. By earning
this rank you have shown some abilities in camping and outdoor skills,
some basic first aid techniques and are learning about the patrol system.
You have memorized the Scout Oath, Law, motto and slogan and explained what
they mean to you. Your final step was to participate in your first
Scoutmaster conference and your first Board of Review where
you have satisfied your Scoutmaster and the Board that you were indeed
qualified and worthy of the rank of Tenderfoot Scout. (pause)

Are you now ready to pledge yourself to Scouting and maintain
the Scout Oath and Law? If so, signify by saying "I am" ...

scouts:(candidates respond) I am

Then repeat with me the Scout Oath and Law.

(scoutmaster gives scout sign, waits for scouts to reply...)
(scouts repeat the Scout Law, "A Scout is trustworthy,loyal,...) (pause)

I now present you with this tenderfoot badge.

(hand out patches, mothers pins, shake hands)

Congratulations and good luck as you start on your scouting trail. You are now Tenderfoot scouts. You may return to you seats.